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Our duty:
Let the human sit better.
Our Values:
1.To benefit our client whom feed us to growth
2.To benefit our employee whom energies us to walk further
3.To benefit our shareholder whom supports us with a better environment.
Our Values:
1.Quality: We not only focus on the quality of our product, but also the moral quality of ourselves.
2.Service: No matter we have deal or not, we will offer the best service in all time.
3.Honesty: We kept our words, and do what we must
4.Concentrate: We specialize in designing and manufacturing plastic table and chairs which made us professional.
5.Innovation: All great invention followed with the great risk, and we are happy to take this risk. Therefore we keep renewing and updating our product, service and life.
6.Dedication:All great victory requires the great sacrifice, all our employee fully understands the meaning of it and brought it to our daily work.
7.Struggling:We are struggling for a bright future, and the brightness of our future encourage us to struggle.
8.Saving: We always try to reduce the unnecessary cost for our client, our country and ourselves.
9.Change with the times: It is not the strongest of the company that survive, but the one most responsive to change.